10 Aug 2021

How we make conversion happen

In a recent webinar with MemberWise, Pixl8’s Creative Director Luke Holderness shared best practice advice to boost your online presence. From setting out the right goals and ambitions to testing and optimising, the session covered a variety of helpful tools and strategies to help implement quick wins.

With many organisations seeing an increase in web visitors over the past months, online conversion continues to be a hot topic. If you want to turn your traffic into members, supporters and advocates, testing and optimising your web pages is vital.

How do you know you have a problem?

There are always things that can be optimised. To help you better understand your website’s performance and pinpoint specific areas for improvement, these three activities can generate valuable insights:

  • Monitor web analytics along key user journeys
  • Observe user behaviour while they are navigating your website
  • Listen to feedback from users and peers

Where to go from there?

There are a number of common barriers to conversion, as well as strategies to overcome them. Watch the recording of our webinar to hear more, or get in touch with if you’d like to explore your digital ambitions with us. 

Let us make it happen for you

We’d love to hear about what your conversion ambitions are or to explore the topic a bit further. We have both the strategy, delivery and platform to make personalisation deliver a better experience for you and your members.

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Webinar - How we make conversion happen

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