19 Nov 2021

Always-on conversion

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Slide deck: Always-On conversion

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What does your conversion ladder look like? From digital engagement to real-life events, micro-conversions to macro-conversions, we discussed it all at our latest breakfast briefing with Memcom UK.

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Slide Deck "Member Engagement: Redefined"

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Increasing member engagement is something that most membership organisations are striving for. Yet, the way in which this is achieved can vary hugely depending on individual audience requirements.

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Keynote Slides: An Empathetic Digital Experience



Pixl8 CEO Alex Skinner opened day 2 of ACUK2019 with a keynote on ‘Empathetic Digital Experiences’ - a great way to share thoughts on the importance of understanding your data.

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Slide Deck: "Data is more precious than oil" - Digital Excellence 2019



The Pixl8 team seconded the motion to drive Digital Excellence at Memberwise’s conference on 31 October. Pixl8 CEO Alex Skinner and Senior Marketing Strategist Lucy Conlan talked about how data is at the core of unlocking system potential. 


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