20 Oct 2021

Digital journeys that deliver


Being able to give members a standout experience via your digital channels will not only broker engagement but also loyalty.

In a recent Memberwise talk I delivered with Pixl8’s Creative Director, Luke Holderness, we explored the purpose, impact and set up of member journeys. We considered the familiar of the welcome and renewal journeys and also more niche journeys such as pre-event and post-purchase.

Lucy-diamond.png 2

Lucy Conlan, Senior Marketing Strategist

The opportunity of delivering journeys that satisfy and nurture members has never been greater. However, as the poll we took highlighted, the barriers are around workload and systems. 

We covered topics such as:

  • Why members especially deserve great journeys
  • How you prioritise journeys
  • What data do you need to set up your journeys
  • How you incorporate into your existing email comms

We work with our clients to develop and define journey strategies to deliver. 

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