28 Oct 2021

Eventfolio extras


On top of our continuing work adding new platform tools, we’ve been busy making enhancements to existing features.

These will give our clients greater flexibility so they can provide an even better member experience. 


Steve Dowle, Head of Product

Fully-flexible discount codes

Event discount codes have been available on the platform for a while. Before, administrators could create a discount code for a delegate group. They could then give that group a discount - say 10% - for any tickets they bought.  

Now we’ve added greater flexibility. You can now select the individual tickets that you want the discount code to apply to. This means some tickets can be discounted and others can be full price for different groups at the same event.

Event certificates 

Sometimes members need to prove that they have attended an event - say for mandatory training or CPD reasons. In eventfolio you can now create a digital certificate and send to people when their attendance is marked or approved by an administrator.

We’ve created a template certificate that automatically pulls in attendees' names. You can customise it with your own logo, copy and signature. Using our system email - which you can also customise with your own copy - you can send a certificate to all attendees or individuals. 

With just one click the certificate is sent to all attendees as a pdf attachment on the email - a quick and easy way to reward your members. Certificates to acknowledge membership will be available soon.

The Homecare Association is already benefiting from these new features and other clients including IWFM and ITI will be taking advantage of it.

More secure form access

Form builder is a key tool used across the Preside platform including eventfolio. For members, website forms are a common method of booking events and making requests.

Previously, access for members could only be applied at the page level. If they wanted to view a member-only page they had to be logged in. Now we’ve applied the ability to restrict access on individual forms - so that members have to be logged in to submit the form.  You can also set conditions on the form so that the member has to meet a certain criteria - for example, belonging to a specific group - in order to be able to complete the form.  If members are logged into a site but are timed out, they get a prompt to log-in again so that their submission can always be tracked fully.

Bigger, new features

As mentioned, in addition to ongoing small enhancements we continue to roll out new features to grow our platforms. Keep an eye out for forthcoming Preside and ReadyMembership features.