06 Oct 2021

Welcome to our new online shop

One of the features that new and existing clients ask us about is a fully integrated online shop. Until now, the shop extension needed a fair amount of customisation every time we installed it, and wasn’t fully part of our ReadyMembership ecosystem. This presented challenges on being able to easily upgrade clients with the latest features. 

Also, the very nature of an e-commerce shop has changed in recent years. People are purchasing more digital products on top of the traditional physical ones. In a nutshell, it was time to redevelop the online shop from the ground up.

We’ve now completed the first version of our new shop which is being used in one of our latest sites to go live, including the Homecare Association.

Watch our latest Pixl8 Update video to learn more about that project and to see our feature on the new shop.

In terms of functionality, all the things you would expect in an e-commerce shop are there, including:

  • Unlimited products 
  • Ability to offer different prices to members or other categories 
  • Bulk pricing discounts
  • Variable delivery charges
  • Physical fulfilment options - for part or whole orders

Where things start to get a bit more exciting and make it different from other e-commerce solutions is how the shop now integrates into the rest of the platform, and how you can use it for selling digital products.

Being fully integrated in ReadyMembership gives members a very familiar and consistent user experience when purchasing items.  For example, it uses the same payment flow they are familiar with for booking event tickets or membership fees. It also generates the same orders and invoices. We believe this will help reduce checkout abandonment and other things which disrupt e-commerce solutions. 

The shop integration into the platform is also great news for membership teams. It means all the existing data and insight you have with contacts can be used to promote products that may interest them - whether physical or digital. All of the purchasing activity then flows back into the same data platform.

One of the other intentions with the new shop extension was for it to support digital products better, rather than just a bricks and mortar equivalent. Members can pay for and get instant access to online learning, a downloadable file, or even a restricted area of a site. Plus you can integrate it into a digital asset management system. The opportunities and uses for this are vast - so get shopping!

Watch the video to see discover more about our new online shop

If you’re interested in hearing more or seeing a demo, then please do contact us.

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