5 Jul 2022

Take stock this summer

With a potential lull in member engagement and staff holidays coming up, the summer months are a good time to do something different ahead of the autumn flurry of activity.

We have a few ideas to provide bite-size chunks of activity to give your team that can be easily allocated across teams with minimal briefing time.

Get these chores done and you are ready to deliver better quality, better targeted communications to your members.

Top 5 - summer checklist

When the temperatures soar we can all appreciate a few more low maintenance tasks. Some of these tasks will be quick wins and some will provide you with invaluable information to review with your wider teams.

1. Images

Are your albums in a muddle? Do you know your image gaps?

Compile a list of the types of images you think would be good to have and compare this against what you do have. This is a good time to fill the gaps; commission new photography or source new images from online resources such as Shutterstock or Getty. 

Think widely and imaginatively - consider the number of genuine ‘real life’ images you have - are you showing your membership base and your team? Also consider your use of metaphorical images you may have and also your use of illustrations. These types of images can convey a powerful message and can work particularly well on social media. 

Once you have your list, review your top 30 pages and see how consistent your use of images is. Do your user journeys appear seamless or a bit of a mismatch? Look critically at your top 10 and think if you need to change any images. 

Are your current images cropped and framed correctly? Our Preside CMS allows you to select focal points and crop images making it easy to correct any issues. You can also replace a new version of an image in the image library and it will be published across your website.

2. Tagging

Great tagging delivers fantastic personalisation and insights. However, often it is an activity that is overlooked. Pull off a list of all your tags and see how many times they are used. 

  • Consider if it is worth reducing your number? Think of consolidating your categories.
  • Are some tags overused? If so, you may want to add new categories.
  • Do you have any gaps? Some pages may not be getting the attention they deserve as the signposting is not there. 
  • How do your popular pages stack up? Consider also reviewing your hot pages, do they have enough tags. 

Linked to the image review, look at how your images are tagged. Think about how you can add more tags so it is easier for the teams to find them. 

The Resource Library in our Preside platform and ReadyMembership could help improve your tagging. It allows you to tag resources including articles, pages and documents by tags such as topic, information type, region and any other you configure.  The Resource widget in the CMS allows you to surface resources based on a filter or specific items.

3. URL checks

Having a website that has powerful links to encourage visitors to browse is key to online engagement. Review your top pages and your key conversion pages first. 

As part of this review, you can also consider where you can add more internal links to encourage people to extend their visit with you. 

As part of our client quarterly reviews, we provide a report of all the broken URLs so that clients can work through to resolve. Regular reporting is a good way of keeping on top of this and can lead to better internal working practices. 

4. Test payment journeys

Membership organisations are skilled at producing excellent content to encourage both members and prospects to visit their website. 

With most having membership acquisition as either a key or primary goal, diligence needs to be applied to ensure every step of the payment process is slick. 

Looking at Google’s funnel analysis, you can see where people are dropping off on the journey - focus on these areas first. Consider where you can reduce copy or make a button more prominent. Usually less is more. 

Our team is adept at setting up and advising about the conversion journeys from optimising landing pages to advising about where changes need to be made. 

5. Automation checks

Automations are now standard in the membership sector with most organisations providing confirmations of purchase and welcomes. Less prevalent but very impactful are the nurture journeys that boost engagement and boost renewals. 

It is well worth reviewing the copy and links for all your current automations to ensure that all is running smoothly. As part of this process you may spot opportunities for additional automation stages - such as a more prolonged welcome. 

Our Preside platform enables data-driven email automations and our consultants are there to advise about your best options to define, set up and test your journeys. 

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