03 Apr 2022

Keep ahead of the game with quarterly reviews


Quarterly reviews are proving to be popular with our clients; they value the time to take stock, know and share their successes and consider their next digital priorities. 

We all know that the last couple of years have seen huge amounts of change in our lives and we have noticed this with website behaviour and digital ambitions. 

Quarterly reviews are led by Pixl8's Creative Director Luke Holderness and Senior Marketing Strategist Lucy Conlan

Our dedicated consultants can do the legwork to assess where you are now and match it against your business priorities. We will look in detail at how your website is performing and can benchmark you against broader trends so you never miss an opportunity. 

After an initial briefing to understand where your priorities are, they will then use both analytics and experience to provide you with a report that will cover topics such as: 

  • Overall website performance - what is working well and what needs improvement
  • Acquisition and retention promotion and conversion
  • Content impact - what’s trending and what needs to change
  • Improve UX as members and non-member website use is assessed
  • Digital health checks - what practical fixes are needed e.g. backlinks, image resolution
  • Explore your use of Preside and suggest options for the next quarter

Each review is bespoke so your priorities may well differ but with the wide range of knowledge of impact and strategy as well as delivery, our consultants will work with you to drive positive digital change for you and your teams. 


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