9 Nov 2023

Is your association future-ready?

It was clear when we attended Membership Excellence in October that many associations are interested in exploring how Artificial Intelligence (AI) can help them automate operations and enhance the online member experience.

However, if you’re thinking about jumping into AI, then stop and think. The key to delivering meaningful, engaging, personalised membership in the future isn’t AI - it’s data. Trusted, insightful membership data, captured in a single view, in one place.

This is a key finding in MemberWise’s new 2023/24 Digital Excellence report. It reveals that, while there have been improvements, poor systems integration and data silos remain a major challenge for membership associations.

With the right platform, unified data can be used to reach the right member with the right engagement at the right time and deliver true hyper-personalisation.

As a ReadyMembership client, Jennifer Sproul, CEO of the Institute of Internal Communication (IoIC) explains:

“We needed to create an emotional connection between IoIC membership and professional standards, so our members would feel real personal value. But to make that happen we had to sort our data first. We have the personalisation vision and the single view of data to do it.”

Rennie Schafer, CEO of FEDESSA, agrees that great membership hyper-personalisation starts and ends with good data.

This data-first approach has delivered transformational results for the Federation of European Self Storage Associations - which saw 50% of members renewing early and an increase in retention from from 85% to 94%. The Institute of Internal Communication saw a 52% increase in new members in the first half of 2023 compared to the same period last year.

The Digital Excellence report also highlights the key factors that are preventing membership associations from integrating their business critical systems and unifying their data:


These reasons are why ReadyMembership was developed by Pixl8 Group. It is the product of 20 years’ experience building websites, platforms and portals for membership organisations around the world.

ReadyMembership is an affordable and flexible single platform which combines your website, CRM, email, events management, finance and more on one interface - removing issues of system integration.

With a single 360 view of all data you can create rules to target members based on their behaviours and interests. For example, if your members are attending events outside of their region - you can find out why and give them more of what they want.

The platform provides a high quality experience for all users - our cms component retains its popularity in this year's report across organisation sizes.
Our experts support your team before, during and after going live to ensure a smooth launch and continued success. This includes optimising your data and getting you set up for membership hyper-personalisation.

“Personalisation touches every point - from member journeys, to retention to events,” explains Rennie Schafer, CEO of FEDESSA. “If you get it right it gives you the ability to give members what they want, when they want it. Asking the right questions and collecting the right data at the right time is allowing us to do just that.”

The future of personalisation in the membership sector* - A ReadyMembership guide.

*It’s not AI

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