2 May 2022

Be brave, member-centric and successful



Do you feel pulled between serving your members, board, your ambitions and meeting your target? Do you feel unsure about what the ‘new normal’ really is and how you can deliver digital excellence?


Lucy Conlan, Senior Marketing Strategist

Our Top 5 tips to dream big and make it happen

Read on, we have tips and suggestions for you to clear the mists and make it happen.

1. Understand
Do you feel the pressure coming in thick and fast from all sides to meet targets and member expectations while guiding your team?

It is sometimes important, even in the busiest times to step back and give yourself space to think and plan. Whether you can commit an hour, half a day or more working out the priorities, the quick wins and the longer term goals.

The Pixl8 consultants can work with you to provide frameworks and guidance based on our experience of what we have both delivered.

2. Measure and listen
Sometimes our instincts are right and sometimes we need to challenge ideas. It is good to take stock of what you know, what your members are telling you and consider what is important and what should be debunked.

Organisations that are successful and affluent can afford to take calculated risks, but as the phrase says, these should be calculated. New organisations or those facing challenges, have less margin of error.

Pixl8 consultants have a blend of agency and client-side experience and can work with you to assess what your data and insights mean to deliver a new improved digital strategy.

3. Scope it out
It’s great to have ideas and visions but the practicalities need to be laid out clearly for you to make it actionable across your team.

Group similar activity together so key teams can pick up on what is important to them as you list the what, when and who. One important thing to consider is all the dependencies - what needs to change or who needs to be on board for this to happen?

Think about what needs to be done first - for example changes to your system; a new field, a new API or even a whole new software package. If not spotted early, these types of issues can slow your progress.

At Pixl8, we an consider your strategic priorities with you and guide you to consider what your dependencies are and to troubleshoot in advance, so the trouble never comes your way.

4. Test, test and test again
Sometimes you will be making radical changes and sometimes you will be refining. Either way, it is important to test different approaches to know that you are on the right track and to make best use of your budgets and staff time.

By testing with a small group of members, you will get it right for the many.

Digital media gives you the opportunity to test and gain results swiftly to know where your best options lie.

Our consultants can work with you to draw up your test plan, to create dedicated landing pages and to assess the results so your next steps are clear. We love the test, roll out and optimise methodology!

5. Review
Since the start of the pandemic there has been a change in the digital behaviours of members and it is important for membership organisations to spot the changes in habits and expectations.

Very often you can feel pushed to make time to compile or assess results and reports. However it is only by taking stock that you will spot differences in trends.

At Pixl8, our consultants are skilled at looking at what your members are doing online and considering how to align this behaviour with your organisational aims such as boosting income or engagement. We focus on in-depth quarterly reviews with our clients so that they understand what to prioritise next for the coming quarter.


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What’s more we can make it happen for our clients with our expert knowledge of your data and how to deliver on our digital platform, Preside.

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