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Flexible, customisable content management, designed with your team in mind

Over the last twenty years, we have invested in developing and refining our content management system, Preside CMS, to be flexible, customisable and extendable. As a result, our clients tell us that Preside gives them the confidence to plan ahead digitally.

With complete design flexibility, control over page and navigation creation and granular user permissions, Preside offers the front-end functionality your team requires to manage website content effectively. 

A user-friendly interface makes it simple for all of your team to manage, create and upload content – without the support or additional cost of a developer. That's why we recommend that our fully customisable CMS is used with every new website we build.

In only a year, IPSE have tracked a 21% increase in the average amount of time users are spending on their website.

Robbie Fulton, Head of Operations,


What can Preside do for your organisation?

Tailored to your needs

From membership management to paywall content, our CMS functionality can be fully customised to meet the specific requirements of your organisation.

Total page and navigation control

Save time and money by giving your team control over managing your website structure and content. Our CMS makes it simple to make changes to your website navigation and to build and edit pages, without the support of a developer.


Built to accommodate regular upgrades

We understand that your digital ambitions will grow in line with your organisational goals. Preside has been developed to support the technical upgrades required to grow and scale a website. Unlike other CMS products, you will automatically benefit from all functionality upgrades we implement, without the additional costs of a developer. 


Manage multiple sites in one platform

Preside has been designed to make multi-lingual and multi-regional site management straightforward for global clients. To support your marketing, we've also made it possible to build separate campaign microsites that are hosted on the same domain as your website – all within the same CMS.

Powerful content personalisation

Deliver a tailored content experience for your audience. Preside makes it easy for your team to set rules and actions to serve specific content to individuals and groups. Rules can be based on anything from paywalls, to relevant interests, membership packages or previous events attended.

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