01 Jul 2021

ReadyCharity platform

When Pixl8 decided to commit to delivering a service aimed at charities, it became obvious that there was a gap in the market. And out of this gap in the market, the ingenuity of our team, and a desire to empower charities to deliver exceptional digital communications... ReadyCharity was born. 


 ReadyCharity is the Pixl8-designed platform with sector-specific functionality in mind. We launched it with the intention of providing charities with a unique tool for communicating with beneficiaries and supporters alike. 

Not only does it offer a one-stop solution, but its functionality is completely buildable, meaning that as your supporter base grows, so can your systems. 

ReadyCharity combines CMS, CRM, Email, and Event Management to empower third sector organisations in their efforts to build awareness, drive fundraising, and deliver personalised supporter experience. Now more than ever, it is crucial to connect with digital generations in the online sphere and provide a seamless experience. With ReadyCharity, we believe this dream can be realised. 

Pixl8 understands that for charities, budget can be limited. ReadyCharity has been carefully priced so as to stretch your budget further - delivering a high-quality website, with integrated CRM, email, events, and more for a single investment. 

We look forward to working with more third-sector organisations as they develop their digital offering and reach the next generation of impassioned supporters.


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