28 Apr 2020

Get more out of: Email Marketing

Our products and services are constantly evolving as we try to make them work even harder for you. After taking in your feedback from our client-exclusive webinar, we want to give you insight into a media that is key to successful communications with members, customers and prospects.

Email still leads the pack as one of the most effective marketing tools out there. By understanding the features Preside offers, as well as featured extensions, you'll be able to plan further ahead and get the most out of your email.

Easy segmentation with Marketing Lists

Marketing lists allow you to segment your contacts based on user type, interest, or even membership status.

If you want to show members and non-members different options, you can add rule-based permissions to ensure, for example, that only members could subscribe to members-only lists. 

By segmenting lists, Preside can also give you the option to tailor content within the email so you can really personalise your communications.

Rest assured that GDPR best practice is being followed: if a recipient chooses to unsubscribe, they can do so by updating their preferences using the website. 

Get granular with UTM Tracking

UTM tracking allows you to gain a granular view of your email campaigns’ performance.

To do this, you would normally modify the URLs used in an email by adding a ‘UTM snippet’, which identifies your unique email campaign on Google Analytics.

If you are using Preside to send out your emails, this step is not needed anymore. Simply switch on the ‘auto-tag links’ toggle when you are building your emails and enter the campaign name; Preside takes care of the rest. With this setting, all links will be automatically turned into UTM links and your campaign will be recorded on your Google Analytics reports.




Follow our top email tips

Email has the potential to deliver high quality traffic and an excellent ROI.

Here's how to use it to your advantage:

  1. Consider how you can prompt people via your website and social channels to sign up to email; e.g. to download a whitepaper, sign up for a free event or to contribute to a community.
  2. Nurture your email list with regular, relevant content tailored to your audience's interests.
  3. Be strategic when critiquing content: email should be well-timed, engaging and give people a reason to click for more.
  4. Introduce A/B testing to develop an email strategy that works for your organisation.  

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