29 Jul 2021

Digital trends: what does it all mean?

 MemberWise online talk, panel discussion and Q&A - Tues 3rd August 2021 11am

Join us to shake out the hype from reality. The Pixl8 and Memberwise teams are joining forces in what promises to be a vibrant interactive session.

Are you thinking about your next steps in digital? With August a good time to think and explore ahead of the September ‘new term’, this is timely to help you plan. 

With Pixl8’s 2021 Membership Forecast recently launched, you can hear how trends around digital aims and reality overlap with findings from Memberwise Digital Excellence Research.  

I’m looking forward to discussing the big digital trends and challenges that we are both seeing - from systems integration to online member engagement. There are great opportunities for organisations to develop innovative digital strategies in 2021 - come along and tell us your views!

Alex Skinner

CEO Pixl8

We have blended MemberWise’s insights compiled from across the sector with our own take based on over 20 years in providing digital solutions for a wide range of membership organisations and charities. 

Enjoy the discussion and future facing and feel free to join in with your questions and ideas. 

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