21 May 2020

Top 10 reasons to choose Pixl8

As a team, we love supporting our clients on a diverse range of projects. With a shared vision and purpose, we deliver digital solutions that meet member needs as well as business objectives. 

Whether you have a project in mind or just the glimmer of an idea, let us inspire you with some of the things that set us apart:

1. Experienced 

We have worked with over 200 membership organisations on a wide range of digital projects.

2. Innovatory

We are adept at providing tailored solutions that exceed client expectations.

3. Multi-national

We're based in London and serve a range of regional, national and international clients.

4. Creative

We deliver powerful thoughtful design solutions to reach hearts and minds online.

5. Strong company culture

Our team have defined the company values which include integrity and accountability.

6. High-performing platform

Preside is a leading digital solution in the membership sector.

7. Established

Since 2001, we reach to deliver solutions to over 200 happy clients.

8. Diversified skill set

Our team is business focused, creative and technically adept.

9. Strategic

We are focused on delivering impactful, evidence-based solutions.

10. Collaborative

As a Pixl8 client, your needs are always front of mind for us.