Web design

 Visually compelling design that delivers results

Well-considered design underpins an engaging digital experience for your audience. We combine thoughtful creative with an intuitive user experience to give you meaningful results. Our proven approach focuses on collaboration and iteration.

Our team will advise and guide you, informing each stage of the design process as the project progresses - from navigation and wireframe development to design implementation. We aim to give users the best experience possible to keep them returning again and again.

"We are delighted with the work Pixl8 has done on the redesign of our website - it has been well received by members and stakeholders. The new site is user-friendly and effectively portrays a great message of social purpose and professionalism.”

The Chartered Institute of Bankers


Led by experience

We’ve been delivering digital for over 19 years. This means that our decisions are led by experience, rather than the latest design fads.


Bespoke for your brand

What your brand stands for is its lifeblood – we understand how important that is for every organisation. We’ll take good care of your brand and make sure it remains at the heart of every design, alteration or user journey that we create.


Creative thinkers

While we deliver innovative creative that looks great, we go beyond this to produce an experience that feels intuitive for every user. 


Responsive and accessible design

We understand that our designs need to work consistently across multiple devices and serve users with different needs. Every organisation has a part to play in enabling equal access and opportunities for all. Find out more about website accessibility.


High standards

We will determine which browsers and devices to support, including older browsers, and agree the level of accessibility compliance required. This is usually at least (WAI) priority 2 (AA), and often priority 3 (AAA).


Our designs in action

Enjoy this visual collection of our past designs. Do consider how our web design team could deliver solutons for your site. 

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Website development

Over 200 membership bodies and associations are benefitting from expert web development on our Preside platform.


10 reasons to choose Pixl8

Why choose Pixl8? You can draw on our experience of delivering a wide range of digital projects for over 200 membership organisations.


Bringing a new brand identity to life

Physio First is for championing evidence-based, cost-effective private physiotherapy with Physio First members in the changing healthcare marketplace.