17 May 2021

Your guide to closing the data divide

Pixl8 Group has launched a free Best Practice Guide on unified digital platforms in association with The MemberWise Network.

In it, our strategy and technology experts explore the key elements of a comprehensive but flexible digital infrastructure - accessible from a single interface. 

The guide explains what to look out for when choosing a unified platform and how they can transform your membership online experiences and drive transformation across your organisation.

72% of membership organisations who attended the webcast launch were most interested in how unified digital platforms can deliver a single view of data. The guide shows how multiple functions are used to deliver a single view of members’ data, and how organisations can use this to improve member services and operational agility.

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Dive into our teams’ experience of delivering successful digital platforms since 2001, and find out how your organisation can benefit from a unified digital platform.

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In our launch webcast, Pixl8’s CEO Alex Skinner, consultant Dan Mahon and Senior Marketing Strategist Lucy Conlan joined MemberWise to talk through some of the guide’s key points. 



Throughout the event, we discussed the potential of capitalising on a unified data source, and ran polls with our audience that revealed valuable insights into the current digital landscape of the sector. 42% of attendees felt like poor system integration limited their ability to use data for personalisation.

MemberWise members can now watch the recording of the webcast. You can also register for membership to access the recording. 




Unified digital platform functionality includes CMS, CRM, email, as well as marketing, events awards and business management tools. 

At Pixl8, we have distilled our experience of platform development and membership sector knowledge into our all-in-one ReadyMembership platform. With it, you can accelerate your digital transformation with a feature-rich solution for websites, CRM, events, awards, email, mobile apps and more.

If you’d like to learn more about ReadyMembership, or have a chat about an upcoming project, book a call with Dan Mahon.