27 Jan 2021

Rapid renewals

Membership renewals is a crucial time for most of our clients. Whether operating on a fixed renewal date or rolling, ensuring that the process is as friction free as possible for members as well as administrators is vital.

ReadyMembership allows administrators to already configure their subscription grades, pricing, payments and renewal schedule. However we’ve recently released changes which take the automation into other parts of the business. 

Manual-free accounting

Capturing and reporting on financial transactions can be a time-consuming process for member organisations. 

It can involve manually exporting invoice data from your CRM and importing it into your accounting system. This often means editing the information to get it into the correct format.

Our full CRM integration with the popular accounting software, Xero, saves time, eliminates manual errors and reduces stress at a very busy time.


Steve Dowle, Head of Product, Pixl8 Group


As invoices are raised in ReadyMembership CRM they are automatically synced to Xero. When configured, contacts and organisations in your CRM are automatically created in Xero. The same tax and nominal codes are also shared across both systems. 

Reconciliation of payments in Xero can also update the status of invoices or orders in CRM - making it a seamless and streamline process of handling accounting.

Problem-free payments

Another useful automation for membership renewal is direct debit.  As well as making life easier for members the benefits for organisations are clear.

Collating users’ bank details on paper forms or spreadsheets and sending them to payment providers is time consuming, prone to human error and inflexible.

If a users’ details change or you want to alter pricing levels, you need to tell your payments’ provider who has to update their systems.  When a member’s payment doesn’t go through you have to do some detective work with them to find out what happened.

Our fully automated integration with Direct Debit provider GoCardless makes payments smoother, problem-solving quicker and reporting easier.


Within our CRM you can easily create mandates and subscriptions for members. It automatically takes regular payments, handling any changes in membership subscription prices. 

Any failed payments and notifications to members are handled with automatic responses - eliminating the need for manual intervention. We’ve even made tools to assist matching existing GoCardless subscriptions to your CRM - helping you move your existing direct debit members over.

There’s still plenty to do, but the more we can do to reduce the manual work, the more time you have to work with your members on things that are important for them. 

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