28 Oct 2021

Our steps to be greener

Find out more about our SME Climate Commitment and what we are doing to reduce our energy consumption.

At Pixl8 we are constantly looking to adopt new ways of operating and technology that reduces our impact on the environment. 

With the United Nations Climate Change conference, (UKCOP26) taking place in Glasgow from 31st October - 12th November, we are eager to do more to help protect our planet. Look out here for further blogs on our activities and top tips on sustainable website development, content and design.

Pixl8 Group has a long-standing environmental policy which is continually reviewed. Discover our commitments and the steps that we are taking to become greener:

Working towards Net Zero

We have signed up to the SME Climate Commitment - pledging to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions to Net Zero by 2040. 

Small Medium Enterprises represent 90% of business globally, employing two billion people. The SME Climate Hub supports SMEs in their commitment to halve emissions before 2030, and to get net-zero before 2050. The hub is an initiative of global organisations including the International Chamber of Commerce and the United Nations Race to Zero campaign.

Carbon footprint calculation 


To help us work towards this Net Zero goal we have calculated our carbon footprint with The Carbon Trust. Their Carbon Footprint Calculator has been designed to help UK based SMEs measure their corporate emission footprint. It splits out direct emissions from fuel and processes (Scope 1) and emissions from purchased electricity (Scope 2).  This result reflects our UK office energy use over the last year. In 2021 our total emissions were 3,518kg CO2e (Carbon Dioxide equivalent) with 82% from fuel and processes and 18% from electricity. 

We have also used their Energy Benchmark Tool to estimate which equipment consumes the most energy. This will help identify cost savings achievable through energy efficiency improvements at our office.


Our steps so far...

See the actions we have taken and continue to take to reduce our impact on the environment:

Energy-saving systems

We have changed the way we host our clients applications and data by moving to systems that are more sustainable and use less energy. More in our green tech blog, coming soon. 

Remote working

Since 2019 we have adopted a predominantly remote work policy. Our UK business is set up so that staff works mainly from home, with only occasional trips to our headquarters in London. Instant chat and video conferencing enables teams to communicate effectively and work from different locations. This reduces the need for travel by private or public transport. 

We’ve gone paperless

As a digital agency that promotes and supports digital transformation for membership organisations, it is in our nature to be paperless. Our processes, from Sales to Marketing and HR, are all digitally managed and driven.  

Re-purposing old equipment

During lockdown in January 2021, our CEO Alex Skinner converted old laptops into chromebooks.  He redistributed these to people in his local area who didn’t have access to families who didn’t have access to a laptop or word-processing software. 

Green office energy

We always use suppliers who use renewable energy for our technology and office. Our London office heating is controlled by a Google Nest thermostat. This means that if activity isn’t detected the heating system turns off automatically.

Waste management

As well as using recycling bins at our office we recycle packaging for our new equipment. We also use recycling facilities and third-party services to dispose old equipment that is defunct. 

Recycled furniture

Our London headquarters are set up with recycled tables, as we try to be environmentally aware in all aspects of our business.

Keep an eye out on our website and social channels for more from our One Step Greener takeover over the next few weeks.

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