17 Nov 2021

Global AAE winner IOM3

We’re delighted to have won a prestigious AAE European and International award for digital transformation for client The Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining - IOM3. 

IOM3 supports 12k members in championing the transition to a low-carbon, resource-efficient society. Thanks to this project with Pixl8 and Bluelight CRM, IOM3 now has a powerful platform that future-proofs its digital ambitions. 

This is the rapturous feedback from an AAE judge: 

A true digital transformation project that benefited not only the membership, but also those who work to deliver the membership programme by helping them be better at their jobs. Everyone wins!

AAE Judge

With deep CRM integration, a comprehensive rebranding exercise and an effective Information Architecture, the digital experience platform has delivered impressive results swiftly: 

  • User numbers on the IOM3 website increased by 73.3% compared to the same period of the previous year
  • Member logins up 37% from the previous year.
  • IOM3 prompted its members to provide feedback on their new website; 76.7% of respondents found it easy to find information on the new website.

Some of the project highlights features included the new member portal, grants, awards and events and public-facing content. 

Members were impressed with the website overall and commented specifically on the design, navigation and ability to easily find information: 

I like the clear layout of the website. The graphics and pictures used are also nice which makes visiting the website a pleasant experience.

IOM3 Members