30 Mar 2021

FSB - a digital transformation journey

A new financial year can mean a new or newly-improved website. However, this is just the start of an organisation’s digital transformation journey. At Pixl8 we take pride in building partnerships with clients over the long-term to deliver their goals. The Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) is one such organisation. In 2019, a new website by Pixl8 was the beginning of a bigger digital journey.

Rapid response

In 2020 many British businesses were badly affected by the impact of COVID-19 and the subsequent lockdown. In May, the FSB wanted to run a grants scheme to help those affected. This offered businesses the opportunity to apply for free advertising packages with Mail Metro Media worth £3000. 



Using the Preside platform, Pixl8 ran a rapid development project to build a grants website. The build went from discovery to launch within three weeks.  The website received thousands of hits and grant applications. Such was its success that the grants prize fund was extended beyond the initial launch 



Virtual events platform

With events moving fully online during 2020 the FSB wanted to make their live conferences as rich an experience as possible for their members. 

We extended our event management system Eventfolio to enable the FSB to run each conference as a separate microsite.

For each conference session there is a separate landing page enabling users to see a countdown of when the session starts. They can also play embedded Vimeo or YouTube videos of pre-recorded sessions or access a Zoom link for a live webinar or meeting. 

Virtual events run using the platform include the FSB’s prestigious annual Sales Conference and REstARTS 2020 - a virtual exhibition showcasing creative industry organisations.

FSB First Voice magazine

Pixl8 worked with the FSB to redevelop their dedicated website magazine. First Voice publishes content on important issues for small businesses - ranging from cybersecurity, marketing to regional voices.


It’s masonry grid layout optimizes the use of space inside the web page by reducing any unnecessary gaps and allows for a flexible and engaging layout.

The site features Pixl8’s advertising module, allowing FSB to enable targeted advertising across the digital magazine.

Ongoing optimisation

Pixl8 used Google Analytics to deliver insights into FSB events and trends including user demographics, traffic sources and website income. From these insights Pixl8 made recommendations for optimisation - taking their new website from strength to strength.