25 Feb 2021

Early wins in 2021 - see what's launched

Now more than ever it’s important to celebrate successes - major milestones or incremental improvements. From portals that allow tracking of professional development, to streamlining internal processes, we are super-focused on delivering what clients need right now, and working with them to meet and exceed ambitions. 

So far this year, we have launched several new digital platforms and we want to share some of the most recent go-lives with you.

MyBar Student Project 

The Bar Council is a membership organisation that serves more than 16,500 barristers and legal professionals across England and Wales. As part of our ongoing collaboration, we delivered their MyBar membership portal which resulted in the award for “Best Digital Transformation” at the AAE’s UK Association Awards 2020. 



The MyBar Student Project was launched in January and aims to engage students in managing their education and career. The Student Project allows students to track and share their training qualifications as well as download up to date transcripts of their achievements.

Students can also apply for clerical error checks, by reflecting on their information and selecting which subjects they would like to be examined. Similarly, students can challenge cohort decisions by requesting reviews on selected courses. These error and review requests are then paid for via SagePay. Built using our Preside platform, the Student Project integrates with Microsoft Dynamics CRM to provide a 360 view of their students audience.

Albany Beck Pioneer Hub 


Albany Beck is a consulting firm that specialises in a range of services, covering strategy, technology and finance across all industries. Their commercial and economic models ensure that their clients gain the maximum value through the service delivery. To support Albany Beck in connecting clients with consultants, we delivered their new Pioneer Hub. 

The Hub allows consultants to log their leave requests, send promotional emails, manage their meetings, flag up events and more. It also integrates and connects with the consultants’ timesheets. Clients can now track the developmental path of consultants, such as their training, goals, and performance, within the organisation. 

The Pioneer Hub has been introduced to Albany Beck’s major clients, with plans to roll it out within the coming months to a wider audience. 

Lincoln's Inn Portal 

Lincoln’s Inn is a society for barristers which is dedicated to the qualification, training and development of its members, at all stages of their legal career. The principal activities of Lincoln’s Inn are the delivery of educational activities for students and the continuing education for barristers. 


To support their member requirements, we built a portal on which members can track and manage their progress with training qualifications. Our Zoom integration and event management platform eventfolio allows members to join, find and book events within the portal. With our email platform MessagePipes, Lincoln’s Inn can also deliver a sophisticated communications programme that can evolve and adapt as needs develop. 

The portal can be easily accessed from within the main site. It was built using our Preside platform and includes an integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. 

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