29 Jan 2020

Pixl8 briefing: Always-on Conversion

What does your conversion ladder look like? From digital engagement to real-life events, micro-conversions to macro-conversions, we discussed it all at our latest breakfast briefing with Memcom UK.

A topic as diverse and ubiquitous as ‘conversion’ could be expanded to fill whole textbooks with knowledge.

This event at the Shard gave the platform for Pixl8’s Senior Marketing Strategist Lucy Conlan, and Digital Consultant Jonathan McLellan to show that it’s about so much more than theory.

“It’s hard to say no to a person, it’s easy to say no to a list.”

Visual cues and optimisations, as well as applying the right tone of voice can make all the difference. As we went through a few A vs B exercises with our audience, it became apparent that ‘good’ doesn’t always look good. 

What drives conversion and what doesn’t may sometimes be surprising - which gives even more of a reason to look into it. This is why testing comes is important when assessing different options of engaging with your audience.

“Sometimes the best tests leave you in tears.”

As always, we were grateful for an engaged audience that shared insightful use cases and thought-provoking questions. This kind of exchange is what makes these sessions so rewarding and valuable.

From the floor:
  • “Organisations need to experiment more. Too much time is spent looking at metrics.”
  • “We should take a look at the testing that’s been done by for-profit organisations and try to learn from them.”
  • “It’s not all about implementing CTAs in the right places, it’s also about the copy that goes with them. Buttons are a great way to test different copy approaches.”
Wish you were there?

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