Providing the best data solution for you and your customer

Understanding your customer base and anticipating their needs, relies on a strong data culture and dynamic systems. You can achieve these aims with our tailored Customer Relationship Management (CRM) or Customer Data Platform (CDP).

By choosing one of our systems, you will be able to capture data, segment customers, automate processes, personalise emails and deliver insightful reports. We achieve this by powerful data mapping, integration and agile developments.

At the outset, we like to understand our clients’ business needs and objectives, then work together to identify the most appropriate solution. We will consider your immediate requirements, while taking into account your medium to long-term goals. With our established CRM platform and our emerging CDP system to choose from,  we will guide you to identify the most suitable solution to deliver on your business plans.

Customer Relationship Management – the secure way to understand and respond to customers

CRM is now a recognised approach allowing organisations to gain a broad overview of customer behaviour, to anticipate future needs.

Our system can be tailored to provide you and your teams with the insights and confidence required to deliver sales, marketing campaigns, setup customer and marketing reporting and enable campaign automation.

The range of data sources include:




  • Contact details

  • Purchases

  • Online activity e.g. downloads, email preference update

  • Email engagement



Customer Data Platform – powerful and personal

With the ever increasing range of platforms and data, having a system that can swiftly adapt to opportunities is business critical. Our CDP, which is hosted on our flexible Preside development platform, is both robust and scalable. The system builds on the key functionality of our CRM, offering you a range of more sophisticated and intuitive options.

When you combine the transactional, email and profiling information that CRM provides, with the additional data sources that are available to CDP the outcome can be both powerful and personal, across sales and marketing. 

We will work with you and your team to apply rules for the use and output of data,  enabling you to deliver hardworking, personalised marketing.

The benefits of CDP

We have worked with clients who are astounded by how swiftly and easily they can micro-target and tailor their communications. The ability to consider a wide range of customer touchpoints and interactions allows marketers to gain a more detailed understanding of user behaviour. The benefits of this include the ability to: score prospects accurately, tailor discounts to audience segments based on previous actions taken, and make more informed media choices.

In summary, CDP offers:

  • Unified customer data – collate data from multiple sources to create a single (360 degree) customer view
  • Persistent – CDPs can store and read data from external source systems
  • A packaged system – CDPs can contain pre-built marketing databases and packaged tools to make database creation and operation easier. Some CDPs have additional functionalities built in, like BI, analytics, reporting or tracking.
  • Real-time capability – because data is persistent, it is available to act on in real-time
  • Open access – CDPs can ingest all types of data sources and give open access to other systems




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Systems integration

Unlock the power of your data with deep integrations with CRM and leading software including Go Cardless, Stripe & Zoom.

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Content management

We have invested over 15 years in developing and refining our CMS platform to be flexible, customisable and extendable. As a result, our clients tell us that Preside CMS gives them the confidence to plan ahead digitally.


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