Systems integration

When it comes to delivering an optimised and personalised digital experience for your members, customers, or supporters, seamless system integration is key.

At Pixl8, we have over twenty years experience delivering websites, self-service membership portals and intranets that are fully-integrated with third-party systems.

Preside, our fully flexible digital experience platform, allows for integration with systems in finance, customer relationship management (CRM), events, learning management and two-factor authentication.

Explore the providers we currently integrate with and talk to us if you want to integrate your website with them or another system of your choice.

See below for how Pixl8 clients across the UK are benefiting from integrating third party-systems with their Preside websites.

"One of Pixl8’s specialities is systems integration - that was one of the reasons why they won the pitch. They’re very creative in their approach. They’re able to look at all the systems and come up with some good solutions. The SharePoint integration was especially complex and, despite some internal delays, Pixl8 worked to adjust the delivery schedule and support us with tools for testing.”

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Integrated benefits

Seamless user experience

For members and supporters a seamless digital experience is more important than ever. Whether paying for subscriptions by direct debit, accessing staff training, or joining a Zoom webinar - the experience for the end user has to be seamless.

If their user journey is disrupted, the damage is done and the members' loyalty diminished. Pixl8’s experience in integrations includes delivering:

  • A staff portal with simple, secure, two-factor authentication for a global finance organisation
  • Zoom extension integrated with bespoke landing pages for multi-day online conferences
  • CRM and Xero integration providing automated invoice generation and real-time two way data updates

Deeper digital insights

Whether using our own CRM or integrating with a third-party provider, Preside delivers deeper digital insights which are actively helping hundreds of organisations deliver better services for their members and supporters.

  • 360 view of users - see individual’s purchase history, subscriptions, email and website interactions within a single admin platform
  • Real-time insights into customers’ website actions and content preferences
  • The power to create highly personalised email and content campaigns
  • Customer data is integrated in your CMS and can be easily viewed in a single admin interface



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Systems integration

Unlock the power of your data with deep integrations with CRM and leading software including Go Cardless, Stripe & Zoom.


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