07 May 2020

Understanding the “new normal” of your members

Your members’ experience is informed and enhanced by the data you hold. 

In this changed way of working as well as living, there is an opportunity to find out more about your members. 

During our recent webinar, in partnership with The MemberWise Network, we took a close look at the types of data that matter the most and importantly; how to use them.

Using  your insights

A poll at our previous MemberWise webinar showed that 66% of the attending organisations saw their members more digitally engaged since remote working began. This highlights the importance of optimising digital channels, now more than ever.

Pixl8’s Senior Marketing Strategist Lucy Conlan and Creative Director Luke Holderness led the session and shared their experiences of using insights to deliver powerful change for membership organisations.

Download the full slide deck for insights on topics such as:

  • Ways to identify gaps in you data
  • Member segmentation models
  • The personalisation scale: what’s useful and what’s creepy?
  • Emerging trends during Covid-19

Watch the recording

Find the full recording on Vimeo.

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Luke Holderness, Creative Director

"I have developed creative concepts for for a wide range of high profile member organisations. It's an inspiring sector to work with, as user experience holds a uniquely high value."

Lucy Conlan, Senior Marketing Strategist

"I love a challenge! My marketing career has been uber-focused on conversions. I have delivered donors, members and event attendees to many charities, cultural orgs & professional bodies."

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