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The Institute of Leadership and Management (TILM) delivers world class leadership tools and resources to help businesses and individuals unlock their potential.

The Institute of Leadership and Management (TILM)

The Institute of Leadership and Management (TILM) delivers world class leadership tools and resources to help businesses and individuals unlock their potential. 

TILM is passionate about helping individuals and businesses to realise their potential. They work globally with employers of all sizes and sectors, and help develop the inspirational leaders they need to achieve their goals.

What TILM wanted

Originally, TILM’s online presence was as part of City & Guilds’ website. Having  just become independent of City & Guilds, TILM needed to completely revamp the proposition to its members and the wider market. 

Their key aim was to create the best-in-class digital learning experience in the membership arena that would fully engage its members and attract new audiences. TILM wanted the website to be a platform for its members to be able to test and demonstrate their leadership capabilities.

In order for their 25,000+ strong membership to gain access to this material, TILM needed a robust website that was highly responsive, easy to use, adaptable to new technologies while being seamlessly compatible with multiple third party providers.


We delivered



Creating pathways to better leadership

The jewel in TILM’s membership offering is their education platform MyLeadership. Held on a third party platform, we developed a seamless pathway to this portal ensuring perfect data and content integration between the TILM’s website and MyLeadership portal.

Our intuitive custom website design also grants members quick access to the educational resources. Keyword search enabled, members now have all the information they need to pass their MyLeadership modules. Finally, we designed a custom page on the TILM website so members could be interviewed via video link in order to attain their desired leadership qualification. 

In short, we successfully created and managed multiple moving parts behind the scenes to help TILM provide a vastly enhanced learning experience.

Cost effective content driven communication

A key part of TILM’s custom website build was providing them with a custom build of Pixl8’s Message Pipes. TILM’s emailing system was originally held with their third party CRM provider but with the costs of using this platform becoming prohibitive, Pixl8’s email system offered a cost effective solution. 

Managed by Pixl8, Message Pipes pulls in upgrade renewal emails that are formulated based on different criterias and triggers. By being able to track and analyse member data, TILM now has a more strategic approach to communicating with their members, helping to increase renewals and enabling them to provide content rich relevant information to users.



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Taster sessions to target non-members

Pixl8 designed a fully customised event offering that links across all third party providers. Through this event platform, TILM can now host webinars for registered members as well as granting access to trial users. This in turn provides TILM with user data of members and non-members giving them the ability to provide enhanced content and to convert temporary access passes into full memberships.

And then some

Leading the way in customised learning

We are helping TILM take MyLeadership to another level. Working closely with their team, we are creating bespoke education pathway options for TILM. Once launched, companies will be able to pick and choose across various accreditation training modules in MyLeadership. This customisation of their offering will provide additional revenue generation for the business while advancing TILM’s ability to meet their membership’s needs.

Since the new website went live, member retention has increased by 3.5 per cent and satisfaction amongst members has increased by 7 per cent. 

Within six months of launching MyLeadership, 15 per cent of their members had used MyLeadership with just under 12,000 assessments completed. 

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Enhancing the member experience

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When the Institute of Business Ethics came looking for a membership focused website platform, we had the perfect solution.


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