Reaching hearts and minds online

A new website to provide families with emotional and practical support while raising profile and income.

Twins Trust

Twins Trust goes above and beyond to support the families of twins, triplets and more. To make this cause reach more families and supporters and enhance the experience of existing members, their new website needed to have impact, clarity and empathy.  

At Pixl8, we have had the chance to give this charity the digital platform it deserved and are delighted to see that within the first month alone, the membership base grew by 15%. 

What’s more, the new website had been shortlisted in the category ‘Best website’ at the Memcom Membership Excellence Award 2020 and at the International & European Association Awards 2020 .

What Twins Trust wanted

The charity has a blend of on and offline tailored members services that provide understanding, information and a helping hand at every step of the way, throughout pregnancy and parenting.

Together, we’ve been working towards ambitious goals:

  • Boost member numbers, participation and diversify income
  • Translate the new Twins Trust brand to digital
  • Save time and money

We delivered

Pixl8 has worked alongside the Twins Trust team to scope, explore and stretch the strategic,  stylistic and technical requirements for the new website. A number of workshops helped to shape a clear vision for going forward; a vision to reach hearts and minds through digital. 

In addition to the established digital agency methodologies, we explored supporting channels and wider organisational remits as well as digital priorities to put the aims for their new website into context.

January 2020 was the strongest month that the Twins Trust website ever recorded; with an uplift of 22% in sessions.

Inspiring internal and external audiences

A visionary and inspiring rebrand needed to be applied to the new digital environment. It was crucial that the new website delivered and extended this vision so that it not only remained relevant to existing members but demonstrated the investment was worthwhile for their charitable purpose. 

The launch event of the new Twins Trust website revealed enthusiastic feedback from external advocates, particularly commenting on the new look and feel;

“The new website looks amazing and every page feels like it’s part of the same website. A huge improvement.”





Time to focus on the important things

Twins Trust, like any charity, wanted to make best use of its resources so that staff time can be dedicated to delivering the charitable cause. 

Their membership team now saves 30 hours a month on manual processing of memberships and supporter updates. 

Time spent on developing emails has gone down by 50%.

The new membership process has literally transformed the way that we work. Other time savings have given us the opportunity to think more strategically about our communications, helping supporters to get the information they need at the right time.

Nikki Roberts

Twins Trust


Improving the member experience

The Twins Trust members have been a focal point of the teams’ attention during the development of the website. 

Their new systems provide improved processes which, for example, result in impressive time savings for members issuing a new membership card which is now instantaneouos.



Fusing strategy with a powerful digital platform

Twins Trust’s new website was based on Preside Platform, a well-proven system offering vast opportunities for personalisation, integration and growth.

Beyond the system, Pixl8 delivered strategic style guidelines to provide the team with a clear, impactful approach to delivering consistent and engaging content for the new website.

And then some

The team working on this emotive and important cause, couldn’t be more proud of how the new website allowed the Twins Trust brand to come to life in a digital format. 

The design wonderfully integrates with the rebrand and successfully supports organisational goals. It gives people direction and clarity of purpose when they first visit the site and continues to do so throughout the whole member journey.

With the website being shortlisted as ‘Best Website’ for the Memcom Membership Excellence Awards 2020, we’re excited for what’s to come and look forward to more joined up work with the Twins Trust team.

The Twins Trust website is now ranking on page 1 of Google’s search results for the keyword ‘twins’, which greatly improves the visibility of their brand.

Pixl8 have helped us to bring our technology offering up to date. The possibilities available to us now are exciting and will improve the experience for our supporters significantly.

Nikki Roberts, Head of Communications

Twins Trust

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