Providing a global membership platform

In our first official ReadyMembership project, we've built a forward facing platform for DFK International, a leading global association for professional advisory firms.

DFK International

DFK International is a leading association connecting professional service firms across the world.

Covering accounting, audit, tax, legal, and business advisory, they provide a network that spans over 90 countries, ensuring integrity and accordance with the DFK’s values within each of their member firms.


What DFK International wanted

DFK were looking for a simple, clean, and modern solution to replace their old website. Most importantly, they wanted their membership base to benefit from the change. By closely working with the DFK team, we scoped out the requirement for a flexible and user friendly platform that would support their members across multiple touchpoints.

With events being a key service for DFK members, an integrated CRM and event management solution became a critical part of their requirements. It quickly became clear that using Pixl8’s new ReadyMembership product would be an effective way to swiftly deliver these.


We delivered

The recently launched DFK International website is already starting to deliver on one of the key objectives: providing value to their members. With positive feedback coming in after such a short period of time, we’re looking forward to working for DFK and to seeing how this project evolves.


Flexible Preside CMS 

ReadyMembership is built on Preside Platform, providing a CMS solution that allows the DFK team to easily edit and customise almost every aspect of their website. With a range of different content widgets they can implement changes as required, without the need for an external resource.



Integrated systems 

One key benefit of their new website is the seamless integration of CMS, CRM, and event management software. This comes as a core benefit of ReadyMembership. It simplifies day-to-day workflows by reducing the amount of admin tasks that are often needed to get separate systems to integrate with each other.

“Working with the Pixl8 team was a pleasure. We had dedicated support throughout the process of creating the new website and CMS that made our lives easier. The Pixl8 team went above and beyond to ensure that our vision for an integrated website and CRM system was made a reality."

Zoë Marsden, EMEA Executive Officer/Marketing and Events, DFK International


Optimised information architecture 

To make the DFK International website easier to use, we’ve optimised their information architecture as part of the overall redevelopment. This helped to make already existing content more accessible, which was highly commented by their members shortly after the new website launched.



One point of contact

With ReadyMembership pulling CMS, CRM and event management all in one place, the Pixl8 team provides a single point of contact for all of DFK’s digital enquiries.

And then some

The flexibility and scalability of ReadyMembership provides a platform that meets DFK’s requirements and holds extensive opportunities to evolve further. 

When we kicked off the project, we were grateful to work alongside such an open-minded and collaborative team. Following the go-live, we are now working with DFK to help their global membership base to better connect and share their expertise online. 

Working with DFK International has been a great experience for the Pixl8 team and we’re excited to get started on the next phases of their project.

Since the new website went live, DFK has received spontaneous positive feedback from their members who are now able to find information much easier than before. 

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