Developing a bespoke certification platform

Building a digital platform to support the world’s leading mobile device certification organisation to ensure quality and connectivity across all new devices.

Global Certification Forum

The Global Certification Forum (GCF) brings members together to define the certification requirements for new mobile devices and technology. Membership and certification has come to be regarded as a must for all new manufacturers, to ensure quality, connectivity and compliance with global standards across all new tech.  

GCF currently has over 320 members including most of the world’s leading players across the mobile industry – from telecommunication manufacturers and operators to those in the test industry. GCF’s members portal provides the resources and information required to start the certification process. It also functions as a collaboration tool for meetings, requirements and document management.

What GCF wanted

In the ever-changing technology sector, GCF wanted a future-proof membership portal that would support the development of custom platform functionality in the long-term. The scale and sensitivity of the data involved in this project posed three distinct challenges.

Firstly, improving the user experience while retaining the familiar look, feel, and journey across the online certification process. Secondly, giving the team, rather than developers, more control over determining the complex business rules and user permissions involved in the certification process. Finally, ensuring all data was migrated safely and securely to the new platform. We achieved this by building a bespoke portal based on our Preside Platform.


We delivered


A bespoke, future-proof certification portal

We produced a digital platform developing CMS, CRM, data APIs and custom software – to match their unique requirements to manage mobile device certification.



Sophisticated data infrastructure

As a result of an emergency, reducing data loss and increasing security is business critical. We built a sophisticated, complex data infrastructure including a database cluster, load balancer and web server cluster to deliver this. 


Data migration at scale

The scope of data and document migration was ambitious. For members, the certification process is based heavily on historical data. To avoid a break in data continuity and minimise service disruption, we built a narrow switch-over window. With an extensive document library, the seamless migration of meeting histories and actions during this window was essential.  



The same process, better user experience

Enhancing the technical infrastructure, while maintaining the familiarity of the existing journey was essential for this established and globally recognised certification process. We replicated and transferred the front-end of the portal to deliver bespoke functionality, while retaining the trusted look and feel of the existing platform.

And then some

Rapid developments within the technology sector can pose complex business challenges for organisations like GCF. This meant that their requirements continued to evolve throughout the project,

One extra was that GCF asked Pixl8 to integrate their existing customer-facing website with the new certification portal we were developing. We assessed that it would be better value for our partner to re-platform the current customer-focused site.

GCF also challenged Pixl8 to build a flexible technical solution which could be adapted and applied to other schemes. We developed a set of processes which could be re-purposed and applied globally. This solution allowed GCF to roll-out certification solutions for multiple new and evolving forms of technology, like the Internet of Things (IoT), without building separate bespoke solutions for every system.

The project has far exceeded GCF's original ambitions so they now face the future with even greater confidence.

"Pixl8 understand the needs of a membership organisation like GCF. They’ve been very responsive in developing any new functionality required by GCF, in a continually changing environment."

Graham Rose,

Global Certification Forum

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