Personalising membership content, globally

Generating rich data using CRM integration to facilitate personalised marketing while also giving members more choice.

Alternative Investment Management Association 

It's been over 10 years since we partnered with the Alternative Investment Management Association (AIMA). During this period, we've worked together to design and build multiple digital solutions that have enabled AIMA to deliver a highly personalised membership experience.

AIMA represents the global alternative investment industry. The scale and impact of their scheme is vast, involving over 1,900 corporate members across 60 countries. Their membership provides leadership on a wide-range of issues including financial reform, policy and regulation. They also collaborate with governments and authorities to shape legislation. AIMA offer an extensive range of online resources, content and networking opportunities, as well as events across the globe to both members and non-members alike.

What AIMA wanted

AIMA wanted to both consolidate and be super personal in their approach. This was a significant project, bringing their 60 regional websites into one fully-responsive global website. With ambitious goals to boost member engagement, they wanted to give users around the world the choice to curate their own content – across the website, in email round-ups, and event recommendations.


What we delivered


A seamless browsing experience across every device

Wherever an AIMA member is located, their online experience has been improved. A fully-responsive website has boosted user engagement across their key global regions. 



More choice for members  

From filtering content by geographical region, to setting content preferences by interest area – our CMS and CRM upgrade gave AIMA’s members more choice. Members are now able to select the content and resources they're served online and via email bulletins.

Highlights include: multiple website design and functionality upgrades; integrations with third party CRMs and launching our HR portal.

Kirk Taylor, Chief Operating Officer

Alternative Investment Management Association (AIMA)


Data for more personalised marketing

Improving the level of CRM integration to include event registration and attendance data has given AIMA a detailed picture of which audience segments engage with different event types and subject.




Easier membership management for your team

Pixl8's Preside CMS is designed to support custom functionality that is tailored to suit our clients. We streamlined the content management workflow for AIMA's web team so they could manage event web pages via the website’s front end.

Automating account activation for new membership sign-ups has also freed up time within the team to focus more on strategy.

And then some

For AIMA, the impact of an intelligent and user friendly web offering can be seen across the board. Since launching their global website five years ago, they have seen traffic to the website increase by 35%. While improvements to user journeys across the site have enabled AIMA to deliver a seamless digital membership experience that fulfills the needs of their users.
In addition to transforming AIMA's main website, Pixl8 developed a new platform for their staff - helping to bring the organisation closer together. Read the full story here.

We’ve continued to use Pixl8 to enhance our web presence for ten years and we proactively recommend them to other organisations. They understand how member organisations work.

Kirk Taylor, Chief Operating Officer

Alternative Investment Management Association (AIMA)

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