Delivering a self-service membership journey

Using a blend of custom website functionality and deep software integration to deliver a personalised membership benefits.

The Association of Independent Professionals and the Self-Employed (IPSE) 

IPSE is the voice of self-employed workers in the UK. There are around 4.8m self-employed workers in the UK and that number is rising – as is the value they contribute to our economy. For IPSE, this presents a huge opportunity to extend both their impact and relevance.

IPSE currently has a membership base standing at around 74,000 full and associate members. A diverse membership are able to access a range of benefits that are relevant to all membership categories as well as tailoring the messaging and benefits for more niche groups.

What IPSE wanted

In a fast-paced economic, political and technological environment, meeting let alone exceeding member expectations can be a challenge. IPSE wanted to offer a comprehensive self-service membership experience that satisfied both the core sectors of their membership and the needs of the individual.

With ambitious goals to grow membership and increase the uptake of key membership services, the ability to tailor web content and user journeys was essential. We achieved this by building a new core website with deep software integration and a series of microsites.


We delivered


A hard-working, impactful website

We designed and built a fully-responsive website that went beyond IPSE’s goals to increase online engagement among their membership. In under a year, IPSE tracked a 21% increase in the average amount of time users spent on their website.



Unpicking what members want

Creating an exceptional user experience starts with understanding exactly what your target audience wants from your service. Pixl8 ran a series of tailored workshops with the IPSE team and drew on user data collected from member surveys, to develop 6 core audience personas. These were used to pinpoint the required website functionality to deliver the experience their members desired.

“We have plans to grow and know we can rely on Pixl8 to make them happen. We have the confidence to plan ahead with Pixl8 and their technology."

Robbie Fulton, Head of Operations, IPSE

A personalised, self-service membership experience

Deeper systems integration enabled IPSE to offer a highly personalised, self-service membership experience. Website integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM and linking to SagePay helped IPSE capitalise on their wealth of customer data. This meant sophisticated personalisation criteria could be used to provide logged-in members with immediate access to sector-specific services and benefits.



Customisable membership journeys

Delivering a tailored experience for each audience segment was key to meeting ambitious goals to grow their membership. A series of mini microsites that were integrated and synced immediately to the main website and CRM, delivered a tailored experience while integrating seamlessly with the look and feel of the IPSE brand.

And then some

With Pixl8 as a trusted, digital partner, the website has far exceeded client expectations. The impact of the project delivery has transcended the short to medium-term business goals that were initially set. With a trusted digital solutions partner, IPSE can achieve their ambitious goals to grow their membership and improve the membership experience swiftly and with huge impact.

In only a year, IPSE have tracked a 21% increase in the average amount of time users are spending on their website.

Robbie Fulton, Head of Operations,


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