UX research & design

Deliver an exceptional digital experience by meeting the needs and expectations of your audience

Creating an exceptional user experience (UX) starts with understanding exactly what your target audience wants from your organisation.

Time spent at the onset can elevate a good project to an outstanding one. Our UX and design team will work closely with you to inform the scope of your future website build to ensure it delivers on what your audience requires. 

Our approach combines data based insights including analytics, customer surveys and persona development. This allows us to uncover exactly what your core and prospective audience groups want from your service, and how they are engaging with your current website. 

As part of the design process, our team work closely to translate research insights into simple, logical user journeys across your website. This includes everything from designing a simplified website navigation, to building a seamless self-service membership journey, or implementing a user-friendly content architecture. 


How we can help

We offer the following blend of services to ensure your website delivers for you and your audiences:

  • User research
  • Audience persona development
  • User flow and journey mapping
  • Information architecture
  • Accessibility audit report (WCAG)
  • Wireframes and prototyping
  • Usability testing
  • Google Analytics reporting
“User research showed that our websites weren’t offering what people wanted and needed, especially considering how important the sites are to what we do. 98% of advertising complaints come through the site and that’s the main part of our business.”

Advertising Standards Authority

Why choose UX?

Our services - UX & design



  • Gain a richer understanding of your audience – from service requirements to brand perception

  • Boost conversions on your existing website by identifying the barriers your audience face and optimising user journeys accordingly

  • Grow your service offer by pinpointing audience desires and expectations

  • Deliver a seamless, user-focused digital experience that will support you to achieve organisational goals for growth, retention and more

We can design the solution right for you

Whether you have a project in mind, a pressing challenge or just the beginnings of an idea, we can talk through them with you. Get in touch and we'll organise a time to call.

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