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Our team can help you get deeper insights, optimise your customer journeys & grow your database.

Drive greater impact across digital using insights and analysis

Knowing what is working and what needs to be addressed or tested on your website is key to optimising performance and ensuring an ever-improving customer experience.

Understanding the journeys people take before, during and after their visit can inform where to focus your advertising spend, what content is sticky and what leads to conversion.

Prior to commencing the build and development of your website, we can provide you with analysis of your current site. We can also manage the technical setup and implementation of Google's tracking and analytics tools. Allowing you to monitor audience actions, build knowledge and continue to improve site performance after go-live. 


How can analytics help your organisation?

Improve performance with powerful insights

Using analytics to constantly monitor and improve is essential to maintaining your relevance and achieving your objectives. Knowing where web visitors are arriving from, what content they view and what actions they take is essential to maintaining a high performing website. We can work with you to identify broad trends and make suggestions as to how to enhance the performance of your website and beyond.

Measure your digital success

  • Track whether your website is successfully enabling users to complete key actions across your website. From tracking the performance of campaign creative, to measuring conversion rates across key user journeys – we work with you from setting up, to interpreting your goals and making recommendations to optimise performance.  

Know what content is working

  • For many websites there is a pareto effect with content – most people visit a relatively small number of pages. We will work with you to understand what content analysis can be done to inform your website build and development. We will make suggestions such as enhancing your SEO, signposting and cross-selling to make journeys deeper and more productive.

Improve your site navigation

  • Analytics can help us understand about whether your website navigation is successfully directing users towards the content they are looking for. Identifying where users drop-off within each user journey can highlight what design and UX optimisations you can make to improve conversion across each user flow.

Create a seamless mobile experience


  • Delivering a seamless browsing experience across desktop and mobile can help your organisation reach new audience segments and drive revenue increases.
  • At the web development stage, we analyse key user journeys on your website across all digital platforms. From there we will recommend design, UX, and technical optimisations to increase digital engagement across mobile and desktop.
  • From launch to roll out and beyond, we can work with you to drive insights into tailored solutions as mobile devices and behaviours change.

Optimise search functionality  

  • From fine tuning your navigation to reviewing the relevance of content provided in your search results, optimising search functionality will ensure users find the information they’re looking for.  

This is a really important area for ongoing analysis as it not only shows what people are looking for, but also gives you valuable clues to any content gaps.


Technical site audit

Understand how your website is performing for visitors and identify the factors that are affecting key aspects of your site such as SEO, sticky content and conversion.

Google Tag Manager Installation

Drive more key conversions across your website by tracking the performance of key journeys to identify data-based digital optimisations. Google Tag Manager is a free tool which allows you to manage and deploy tracking tags across your website without the need to edit code, saving your team time and money.  

Google Tag Manager Initial Configuration

The decisions you make are only as strong as the data available. Our technical team can manage the initial installation and configuration of Google Tag Manager for your website. This will ensure accuracy in reporting and avoid issues with double hits. We will also pre-install the essential tags you need to track your website performance.

Google Analytics training

Improve your team’s ability to establish and interpret data insights with Google Analytics training, to track the performance of your website in the long-run. Getting to grips with key and custom reporting will enable your team to see how digital is performing against KPI’s and to make swift-decision making about digital marketing.  

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