Deeper personalisation, automation, insights and more

Our email system delivers much more than your standard off-the-shelf ESP solution. While you can send, test, monitor and tailor your emails, Message Pipes offers more with exceptional data-driven functionality.

Message Pipes makes many of the often elusive email outcomes around automation and personalisation attainable. We provide a structure that saves you time and enhances your output with seamless integration capabilities.

We can also work with you to understand your audiences, products and objectives in detail so that our system is tailored to meet your exact needs.


Deliver personalised email marketing 

The more complex data models that can be established, the more effective automation and personalisation can be. We track and report on every email campaign you send – from delivery, to opens and click-through-rates. These statistics can also be added to the synchronisation process so that your CRM is updated too.

Rules can then be created based on customer activity such as clicks, open rates or even website activity. For example, you can send a campaign to users who did not open the previous email, or who marked an email as spam.


Thorough Testing

All projects go through a detailed quality assurance process before being handed over to our clients for User Acceptance Testing (UAT) .

You will be able to run some test campaigns using real data. Test campaign emails will be sent to a fake email server developed by Pixl8 for testing purposes, called MailKeeper. This will allow you to see the exact emails that will be produced on an individual basis.


Template production

Your customers, prospects, members, audiences and supporters are likely to be time-poor. It is business critical that your email templates have stand out and a clear proposition.

We have a proven track record of producing email templates for a wide range of clients that have visual impact and deliver results.

We will ensure that our design solutions reflect your brand and have the look and feel of your website, but at the same time include bespoke tailoring for the email environment.


System features 

Our system gives you the potential to:

  • Deliver a sophisticated email marketing and communications programme that has the ability to evolve and adapt as your needs develop

  • Fully integrate with a range of systems including CRM and CDP

  • Send bulk and tailored email

  • Tailor every single email with bespoke information e.g. statistics or content that are unique to the recipient

  • Target groups without the need to import lists

  • Effortlessly segment data and tailor content

  • Provide automations based on a broad range of CRM and digital data

  • Analyse email behaviour from a macro to micro level

  • Self service of contact preferences

Additional services

We also offer the following support:

  • Template production

  • Testing and UAT

  • Analysis of email performance


Get inspired 

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