4 Jun 2024

Preview: your guide to continuous improvement

To see ongoing success from your technology - with ongoing positive results - what do you need to have in place? Whether it's a new platform implementation or an optimisation project, your organisation has to embrace change and change is difficult. 

To help you navigate this maze of partners, people, processes and technology, Pixl8 Group have created a new guide to continuous improvement. The plethora of technology options and things to consider can be overwhelming - this guide offers some tech therapy to help you through!

The starting point is to accurately understand not just where you want to be as an organisation, but where you are now in order to identify your real needs and ideal solutions. By asking yourself (and your technology partner) the right questions, it’s possible to create a road map to continually improve your member experiences, add value and drive growth.



The guide includes case studies from membership organisations who have transformed under-performing platforms to ones that are delivering ongoing success. There’s also a handy checklist of questions you need to know - and be able to answer - in these areas:

1. Knowing your organisation 

Understanding the ins and outs of your organisation is the crucial first step to making sure that your technology and provider are right for you. By taking stock of your organisation's complexity and sophistication, you can ask the right questions and evaluate potential solutions effectively. Use the diagrams in the guide to plot where you are now and identify your needs across your Organisation, People and Technology. 

2. Processes

Many organisations do a technological lift and shift - a like-for-like replacement of old systems with new. This is because they are focused on features that support current processes and objectives. But if your organisation’s strategy has changed, you’re just replicating the old system in the new. Discover what you need to ask about your processes to optimise them, strengthen your governance and improve results.

3. People

What are the skill sets that you need to have in your team to ensure continuous improvement? Are the right people in the right seats? Where should your tech partner fill gaps and where should they follow your lead? Discover the roles and responsibilities you need to have in place for ongoing success.

4. Partners

Choosing the right tech partner is a bit like finding a compatible companion - there's more to it than meets the eye, and it all starts with honest conversations. A good tech partner is more than just a vendor - they're a collaborator, problem solver and ally in your organisation's journey towards digital excellence. Discover what you need to ask to establish if you are a good fit and whether you will thrive together.

5. Technology

It’s crucial to align your technology with your long-term goals. Discover the different approaches to platform development and how they suit different requirements.


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