Pixl8’s awards system

Celebrate successes with intuitive awards management

Acknowledging the standout moments for individuals, teams and organisations has many benefits from reward and recognition to brand appreciation. 

Pixl8 Group’s eventfolio gives you the digital toolkit so you can launch, run and evaluate your awards programme smoothly and with enhanced impact. 

Double impact: With Pixl8’s awards system, the Association of Association Executives has reduced the time to manage awards and increased entries by 50%.

Award-winning awards

With our events & awards system, FSB Awards won a Special Award at the Associations UK Awards 2019 for their use of event technology. 

Create and manage inspiring awards experiences from the comfort of a single system. Based on Preside Platform, you can benefit from seamless integration with your website and CRM, allowing for tailored user journeys from start to finish. 

From joined-up user experiences to intuitive judging processes, you will be able to customise, monitor and report every step of the way. Look no further if you’re looking for a powerful tool to support your awards team’s everyday needs, while efficiently serving your entrants’ and judges’ requirements.





Joined up journeys

A coherent experience, from the very first touchpoint to celebrating for your awards’ finals.

Create a seamless awards experience by making it all happen on one platform. Our awards system was created to integrate with ReadyMembership and custom Preside solutions, so nobody has to switch between systems. What’s more, you won’t ever have to worry about tedious manual data transfers.

Tailor and grow your programme

Create bespoke sets of awards to reflect your organisation's unique programme.

Our awards system was created to complement the eclectic nature of membership organisations. By utilising a variety of parameters you can set the conditions that suit your needs; from regional restrictions to multiple pricing options and timelines. 

Automated email marketing

Automated communication flows to optimise your user journeys. 

Minimise drop-offs and increase engagement through carefully placed nudges. With our integrated email marketing solution, you can create email campaigns that are automatically triggered by events like incomplete submissions or updated statuses.

Since the project went live, the Federation of Small Businesses have not only matched their entries from the year before but seen an increase of over 10%. They have also attracted an increased number of new visitors to the Awards site, and generated more registrations onsite thanks to Preside’s advanced capacity for GDPR-compliant data capture. 

All of your data in one place

Power personalisation on your website, emails and awards platform.

Data is powerful. Even more so if it is stored in one single place and readily available across systems. Gain a full-circle view of you users without lengthy and manual data transfers. That’s the beauty of an all-in-one system.

Intuitive processes

Peace of mind, to focus on the things that matter.

User experience is an important factor to make sure your judges and entrants can easily navigate through your awards process. After all, it should be an important step to enhance the anticipation for your final showdown.

Flexible permissions

Be in full control to make the judging experience your own.

As an administrator, you will be able to easily assign specific awards, categories or regions to your judges. This way, you can easily manage complex award setups and make sure the right people can access the right submissions at the right time.




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