11 Jun 2024

ReadyMembership by Pixl8 has been awarded the "Best Association Technology" at the International & European Association Success Awards, organised by the Association of Association Executives. The award ceremony took place during the Association World Congress 2024 in Graz, Austria.

Recognised for its outstanding innovation and commitment to the association sector, the judges were impressed by how ReadyMembership "truly understands the association sector and invests in the development of their main membership product." They also praised the platform for its "unrivalled personalisation and automation."

The Federation of European Self-Storage Associations (FEDESSA) hosts 12 national associations in multiple languages on ReadyMembership and were very happy to nominate the platform. Their multi-tennated approach enables them to reach members across Europe and give individual associations gated access to their own data at the same time.

They praised ReadyMembership's professionalism and willingness to innovate, noting "the team at Pixl8 took the time to understand our needs and provided a solution that fits. They brought their experience from other associations, which helped us reconsider some of our approaches."

ReadyMembership offers a unified membership experience platform designed to address the unique challenges faced by associations. The platform brings together member management, event organisation, and website integration, all tailored to enhance efficiency and member engagement. The system’s flexibility and customisation have made it a standout solution for membership bodies and associations across Europe.

Alex Skinner, CEO of Pixl8 Group, expressed his gratitude in his acceptance speech, stating, "Thank you very much to everyone who voted for us. Obviously, all the credit goes to our team and to the clients as well."

ReadyMembership's win at the International & European Association Success Awards not only acknowledges its technological excellence but also sets a benchmark for future innovations in association management software. As ReadyMembership continues to evolve, this award marks a significant milestone, reinforcing its position as a leader in the field.

Congratulations to ReadyMembership and the entire Pixl8 team for this well-deserved recognition!